For Chemist’s Research, investing in research and development is where every production process starts.

The idea becomes a product, passing through innumerable tests and samples, including the involvement of a panel for measuring taste satisfaction. Finally, some stress tests are carried out to define and improve the durability of the product, which in the vast majority of cases is conducted with a level of attention that is rarely seen with other manufacturers. The seriousness of this process is also demonstrated by the prestigious Certiquality certification body, which gives its Quality Certificate to some key products of Chemist’s Research by subjecting the formulation to periodical rigorous checks.

The contribution of partner companies, specialized in large-scale production, and the absolute professionalism of human resources do the rest, ensuring packaging that stands out on the shelf and serves as effective in-store communication.

All this is part and parcel of a business management that is focused on total quality, as shown by the certification ISO 9001:2015, obtained by Chemist’s Research for its proven efficiency in all areas of its organization: company management, planning, marketing, design, sales, procurement, production and after-sales service.