More than 20 years with the + symbol in front. Chemist’s Research has been on a growth path since inception: from the continuous development of products to the definition of high-performance distribution models and the defining of business programmes to facilitate customer sales strategies. The main aim is always to stand out in terms of total quality in the production and marketing of food supplements and cosmetics.

Young and dynamic in terms of people and organisation, the company acts in the market along with pharmacies, anticipating the evolution of demand, innovating through research, giving ready answers to sudden changes in the business outlook. This is the experience that thousands of Italian pharmacies and parapharmacies have every day.

The mission

Chemist’s Research works to ensure that there is a unique trust between the pharmacist and the end customer. The research, production and distribution processes are oriented towards the excellent quality-price ratio of the products.

From this point of view, the company acts as a genuine partner for pharmacies and not merely as a supplier, guaranteeing them savings, flexibility and a constant presence, as well as supporting them in strategic and operational market decisions. These decisions include ones that have to do with sales and product seasonality, for which Chemist’s Research develops efficient customized plans.

The vision

Looking at the market from the perspective of the counter: this is the most effective synthesis of an inclusionary dynamic vision that makes everyone a stakeholder. From the producer to the end consumer, going through the fundamental intermediation of the pharmacist, the main objective of the company is always to give clear and effective solutions to the need for well-being by being reliable and adding new relevance to the professional response.

That’s why Chemist’s Research wants to reach out to people in a circle of trust in which everyone feels like they have a seat at the table. Here the pharmacist will find exclusivity and advice protection, along with efforts to boost their business and customize their products. The consumer will receive attention, advice and assistance.