The Company

We are a young company with the right motivation and energy to keep up with the times, to build on new experiences to create innovative products and respond quickly to the rapidly changing scenario.
Our ambitious but realistic objective foresees 50% profit growth in the course of three years.  We will achieve this by engaging in significant investment in the following areas: research, development and the launching of new products, strengthening our sales network and marketing and communication strategies.

Number of Chemists working with us

3000 pharmacy customers

50 people who work in the following departments                                     

  • Research and development
  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Scientific and medical information
  • Logistics

First Step

RESEARCH CHEMIST'S was founded in 1998 in Lecce.  It was the initiative of a pharmacist who has extensive experience in the research and testing of new products in the area of ​​health and wellbeing.

In the course of a decade, the company has grown considerably in terms of turnover, organizational structure, production capacity and customer base.


Our Mission is to create, produce and distribute innovative products that work, with an excellent ratio between price - quality to our entrusted pharmacies, offering their customers the chance to obtain appropriate savings.

 It is our ambition to be both organized like a corporation, and flexible in observing the market from an “insight” perspective.  We further aim to respect and keep the needs of the pharmacist in the foreground.